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EDI Automotive make buying and selling vehicles as seamless as possible. They have years of knowledge and instill great trust in the car buying and selling industry.



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Prior to engaging with Flex Public Relations, EDI Automotive was struggling to establish an online presence and missing out on opportunities to connect with new customers.


When our partnership began in February 2021, one of the main goals EDI had was to develop their brand to have a high level of trust between them, (being vehicle buyers and sellers), and the public. As generally there is a stigma around untrustworthy car buyers and sellers. EDI Automotive wanted to stay away from this stereotype and promote their trustworthiness.


Ultimately this and other strategies employed would lead to a significant increase in customers and sales.


We successfully implemented a 'less is more' strategy to keep their message clear and consistent along with placing a strong focus on their customer testimonials.

To compliment this, we also deployed targeted and automated advertising campaigns across both Facebook and Instagram to generate new leads for potential car sellers.


Both of these strategies work 'hand in hand' with each other to build trust amongst their existing customers base and potential new clients.


Our combined strategies effectively showcased and aligned the brand with their values, while also improving their online presence and professionalism.


This dramatically improved the brand’s trust with customers and enhanced their brand image.


Of particular note is the ongoing digital advertising campaigns which generate 80+ leads per month to significantly increase business and sales for the EDI Automotive team.


We're proud to have EDI Automotive as a long term and ongoing partner with Flex Public Relations.

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