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Be seen & be heard

Getting your brand and message out there in a noisy world can be tough. That's why we're here to help to make sure your brand is seen by the right audience to communicate your message and grow your business.

At Flex Public Relations, we produce strategic marketing and public relations materials that will allow you to reach your target audience. From social media, blogs and newsletters, we can adapt any type of content to the style of your business. 

Marketing Services

Content Creation

From photographing, filming and editing organic content to designing digitally engaging graphics, we've got you covered!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We can improve your sites SEO through improving your site for search engines, creating and uploading frequent blog posts other technicalities. 

Social Media Content Marketing

Let us improve the trust and engagement between your brand and customers through content marketing. We've got it covered from designing, planning and scheduling content, so you don't have to!

Email Marketing

Our team will provide you with an email marketing services that are aligned with your brands goals in order to consistently reach customers through their inbox. 

Social Media Advertisements & Analytics

Data-driven decisions based on analytics of your customers engagement with our orchestrated advertisements and social media content. We report these insights to you so that you have a greater understanding of what your customers are doing and how to capitalise on this in order to create more leads.

Print Marketing

We can design, print and provide all physical marketing tools such as flyers, business cards and more.  

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Public Relations Services

Video Advertising

From photographing, filming and editing raw footage to producing a compelling campign, we've got you covered!

Public Relations Campaigns

We can create a rewarding public relations campaign for you! We can arrange a series of activities that have a specific purpose to work towards your business' goals.

Public Relations Communications Strategy

Let us improve your public relations communications strategy. We can organise your public relations activities and make strategic decisions about the optimal way to communicate with your target audience.


We have made strong connections and partnerships with an array of businesses, communities and events. We can arrange sponsorships for your business in order to increase your brand awareness.

Media Relations

We have made strong connections with a large range of media sources and outlets. We have also successfully generated different outlets of media coverage to promote successful brand awareness campaigns.

Brand and Business Reputation

Let us improve your brand image and business reputation through our strategic public relations strategies.

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If you're looking to engage with marketing and public relations services to grow your brand, get in touch with us below! 

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