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Business Basics Grant

Did you know that the latest round of the Queensland Government Business Basics $5,000 grants is back! Read on to see if your business is eligible to apply.

This grant funds activities such as;

✅ Professional development training for business development and marketing

✅ Website builds, upgrades and adding e-commerce (online payments)

✅ Strategic marketing plans and activities

These are all things that we can deliver here at Flex PR, which are paid for by the grant 👊

To be considered, businesses must meet the selection criteria which is;

✔ Have a current ABN and are registered for GST

✔ Have fewer than 20 staff

✔ Have a turnover less than $300,000 this financial year

✔ Not have been approved for funding under Round 1 or 2 of the Business Basics grants program

The first step is to find a suitable supplier (like Flex PR 😉) to provide you with a quote and plan to deliver the grant activities.

So if your business fits the criteria above then we'd love to chat and help you apply 😁

Or, if you know somebody who would be a great fit for this awesome opportunity, let us know their details and we can get in touch for a friendly chat.

*IMPORTANT* - Applications open on May 4th and are expected to ‘sell out’ within hours, which means you'll need to have your application ready to go before the day.

More info can also be found on the Qld Government website here -

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