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Friends Of Flex 4

Welcome to the 4th edition of 'Friends of Flex'. Our little way of saying thank you with some free tips, advice and industry insights.

Short and sharp this week with 2 questions that every organisation should be asking itself regularly. Hope you find this useful for your business.


1. What is your point of difference?

Perhaps the most critical question to be asked to attract and keep customers/clients.

Is it price, service, location, quality? Something else?

When we're producing new videos for clients, this question is top of mind for what we want to focus on. How do we showcase the standout point of difference to make sure the desired audience sees this and is engaged to learn more.

If you're not already, ask this question of your organisation on a regular basis and review it consistently to see if it has changed and whether you're effectively promoting your point of difference to potential and current customers/clients.


2. What are the barriers that might prevent new customers/clients from using your services?

Almost as equally as important as the first question.

Is it price, service, location, quality? Something else?

It's quite likely to be from this same category as before, but you could also throw in awareness as another common barrier.

Building trust and awareness of your brand may be the first step to engaging new customers/clients, rather heading straight to 'sell'. Especially if you're a new brand, this will be important to address first before expecting the masses to flock your way

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