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Uncertain times are here to stay, which is why the value of trust and authenticity has never been higher. This week's edition takes a closer look at these two attributes and why you should embrace them at .

We're also featuring a JOB ALERT for a Sales and Marketing Assistant in Brisbane.


1. Trust & Authenticity

The 24/7 news cycle has never moved faster with more moving pieces than ever before. Restrictions easing, then tightening. Good economic news, followed by bad. Sports resuming some normality, then thrown into chaos.

As a brand, as a business and as a person the most valuable attributes you have to offer right now is being trustworthy and authentic.

People are looking for stability, consistency and reliability when everything else around them seems to offer the complete opposite.

Now is the time to double down on emphasising why your clients and customers should trust you and your work. You can do this by highlighting testimonials, over delivering and providing a disproportionate level of value.

Whilst most successful ventures already do this, ensure you make time to review how you build trust and authenticity to make sure that you not only attract new customers and clients, but you retain the ones you've worked so hard to get.



Below is a link to a new recruitment video we did for the Headache and Pain Management Centre in Brisbane who are searching for a Marketing and Sales Assistant.

They are seeking an enthusiastic Social Media Assistant (or translating into Corporate-Speak... Marketing/Sales Assistant) to help with producing and scheduling content, and helping to create awesome educational resources for patients, general public and other health professionals.

Here are the details:

To apply, Visit here:


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