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Sometimes Less Is More!

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

As a business owner, we tend to have so much on our mind and are most likely thinking about a million things at once. Inevitably, this will impact the way we communicate our key messages across to our audience, which might end up looking like word salad on a plate.

The last thing we want is to confuse your audience by telling them too many things at once. How we do that? Cut the jargon and keep it simple!


Our 3 top tips for communicating with your audience effectively:

1.Avoid Jargon Jargon has been creeping its way back into how we communicate across our content, and though you may sound smarter using it, this could be at the expense of your audience. Don’t take the shortcut of explaining a complex term or concept by resorting to jargon. You as the business owner will understand what these terms mean, but your reader most likely will not. Keep your words simple to ensure you’re as clear as possible to help your readers understand. 2. Know your audience Understanding who your audience is will help you pinpoint what language to use. If you are communicating with an audience with a very high level of understanding of your product/service, then jargon may be appropriate. However, if you’re trying to communicate technical words to a general audience, maybe ditch the jargon or at least explain what those buzzwords mean. Use this technique sparingly.

3. Read your work out loud Reading your work out loud will let you identify whether you are using too much jargon, or taking too long to explain a term. Sometimes it is useful to take a step back and look over your work before putting it out to your audience. It will force you to be more economical with your words, shorten your sentences, and keep things moving. And if you're ever unsure, always feel free to reach out to us here at Flex and ask for some advice 😉


Did you know?

At Flex we don't just do videography which is what you mostly see - we support this with a variety of marketing and public relations activities that help businesses communicate their key messages. Writing content and creating effective communication materials can be a mundane task for most businesses, so that is where we come in to help you deliver.

If your business needs help getting your message across, get in touch and change up your communication strategy.

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