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Sit or stand at your desk with quiet and effortless height adjustment all by the touch of a button. Price includes Delivery and Onsite Installation to Brisbane Areas.

Eon Electric Rectangular Height-Adjustable Workstation with Installation

  • A Premium Electric Sit and Stand Workstation

    Capable of holding 120kg including the Desktop, the Eon Rectangular Electronic Adjustable C-Leg Desk Frame (available in Silver, White or Black) can extend up to a 2100mm x 900mm Desktop which is perfect for any commercial environment.

    The Eon Two Leg Frame features fast and quiet electric height adjustment with a Control Panel Setting which enables the user to recall their favourite height settings at the touch of a button with a Programmable Controller.  

    Designed in Europe and powered by a motor and linear actuator per leg, the Eon Electric Desk is one of the fastest, strongest and quietest desks around.  The versatile height range will accommodate any user, reaching a maximum height of 1260mm.

    Packed with safety features such as Collision Control, an Overheat Protection Circuit, and Shelf and Container Stop makes the Eon Electric Desk Frame one of the smartest on the market.

    The Eon Electric Desk has taken a significant leap in design for a desk frame of its type incorporating elegant minimalist Danish Design and Scandinavian Engineering and Quality Control.

    The Eon Electric Desk's smooth and silent linear actuators are controlled by simple up and down push buttons.  The twin vertical poles give maximum stability even when the desk is at its highest.

    The Eon Electric Rectangular Two Leg Frame is available as a frame only, a frame only with installation to an existing desktop (Brisbane Areas), or as a complete unit with a Desktop and Frame.


    • 2 to 3 Day Availability
    • Price includes Delivery and Onsite Installation to Brisbane Areas Only.  For other areas, please contact us for a Quote.


    Available for Orders of 5+.    

    View an Eon Electric Desk in use on our Youtube page

    On September 28th, 2014 "60 Minutes" featured a story detailing the health issues associated with sitting called "Stand Up Australia".  The latest research shows that sitting is as detrimental to one's health than smoking.  The simple solution to today's sedentary life is to stand more during the day and sit less.  This can be achieved by using Height-Adjustable Desking which allows the ability to stand while working.

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