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Designed to provide support for your feet when standing for prolonged periods of time relieving pressure on your heels, back, legs and shoulders.

Toro Anti-Fatigue Mat

$93.50 Regular Price
$84.15Sale Price
  • A Strong and Comfortable Addition to Your Workplace

    The Elevar Toro Mat Anti-Fatigue Mat provides support for your feet relieving pressure on your heels, back, legs and shoulders.  This will enable you to stand for longer and improve your health.  

    The Toro is made of 100% continuous construction Polyurethane.  Polyurethane is specifically designed for its strength and durability so the Toro will not curl up at the edges and is resistant to tearing.  Even high heel shoes will not leave a permanent imprint.  A mat that is too soft is suitable for short periods of standing only.  The Toro is designed for long periods of standing.

    The Toro is made with high density 300kg/m3 Polyurethans to provide both comfort and support as well as encourage movement and increased blood flow.  The Bevelled Edge design reduces trip hazard and the non-slip bottom keeps the Toro in place.  The solid, high density construction will give years of continuous support.    

    The Toro is environmentally friendly, easy to clean and does not have the 'rubber' smell that some mats have.

  • Features:                                  

    • Solid, High Density Construction
    • 100% Continuous Construction 300kg/m3 Polyurethane                       
    • Bevelled Edges
    • Non-Slip Bottom
    • Patented Kick-Pad for easy movement of Mat


    • Width: 460mm
    • Depth: 750mm

    Colour: Black

    Warranty: 1 Year

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