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The Flex Team Analysis

The Flex Team Analysis helps to give our team a better understanding of your business so we can hit the ground running.

Your answers below don't need to be perfect, but give it your best shot with what you think best represents the business.

This will help us find the 'gold nuggets' about your business and perhaps some other areas we can help with too.


What is your primary offering?

Which of these is the most important key selling point your business really prides itself on?

As an example, McDonalds is very affordable and very fast, but some would argue that quality is not that great when it comes to being nutritious. And that's don't need to tick every box to be a success. The fact that your product/service is expensive could be a positive i.e Mercedes make high quality cars with superior reliability, but you'll pay a premium price and may have to wait to receive your choice of model = low speed, however they are still very successful

Select an option
What's the number 1 thing that makes your business a success? You could probably pick more than 1, but if you had to pick just 1....
What marketing channels have you used before?

Thanks for submitting!

We'll be in touch soon.

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