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Our Story

How Flex PR started 

How did Flex start? 


Little anecdote of why Brent started the company i.e. businesses don't have the time and we wanted to bridge the gap 

Our Core Values 

At Flex Public Relations, our approach to work is always with a positive, enthusiastic and optimistic attitude. 

We overdeliver and bring unexpected value to our clients and partners. 

We do what we say we're going to do and when we said we would. 

We are team who take responsibility, plan ahead and care for our clients and partners. 

We value trust, honesty and integrity across our work and always look to create new strategies and results. 

Our Commitment to Clients 

We know that many people in business don't have to the time to people they're doing a good job and are too modest in our modern-day culture to flex what they do. 

We also know that most PR, marketing and video services are over-priced and too complex for businesses to understand. 

Our commitment to our clients is to solve problems - we tell stories and put on a show through our marketing and PR services to showcase our clients and partners. 

Whether its through the power of video and photography or through compelling written materials that communicate your brand. 

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