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Benjamin Kite is a 30-year old welterweight pro boxer out of Brisbane, Queensland. Ben is in the process of growing his personal brand awareness and showcasing his talents, in order to compete on the global stage. 


Prior to engaging with Flex Public Relations, Ben Kite had no media presence. Ben was looking to increase the media presence of himself as a brand and his boxing fights in order to gain more recognition for his talents, on the global stage.


Flex Public Relations have established itself to effectively create, edit and produce engaging video and photo content. We have also generated great connections to public resources, media outlets and coverage in order to promote successful brand recognition and awareness. Therefore, we developed a strategic plan for Ben in order to grow himself as a brand and be recognised for his talents through use of media outlets, video content and motivational speaking.


Flex Public Relations filmed and produced many campaigns of Ben’s training and fighting matches that captivate his talents and goals to gain recognition on the global boxing stage. We have also enabled Ben’s story and boxing match results to be published within the Cairns Post and Queensland Times, numerous times. This heavily increased the awareness Bens boxing talents and recognition of his dedication to fight on the global stage. In order to grow Ben as his own personal brand, we also enabled Ben to present motivational speaking at the Centenary State High School. This was a great way to promote himself as a boxer and the alignment his career has with his core values of dedication and motivation in order to inspire others.

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