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Advertising is NOT marketing. There is a difference.

At Flex, we're in the business of marketing. Of story telling. Of brand building.

When you think about how you promote your business, which strategy do you choose most often?

An ad in the newspaper from car dealers, electronic stores and butchers is exactly that. Advertising.

A well written blog post, candid business photo or storytelling video is marketing.

Advertising is easy. Marketing is not. But that's the point.

Effective marketing, brand building and PR is what delivers meaningful relationships between your business and your customers.

Advertising is a sales pitch. Here's what I do. Contact me if you're interested.

Marketing is a story. Here's who we are, what we believe in and how we can help.

Next time you're faced with a decision on what to do. Choose marketing.

Video of the week:

We're really proud of this little clip as the first episode in a 4 part series for Kite Vs. Best - Road to the Australian Welterweight Championship. Check it out.

Length: 2mins 37 secs.

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