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If Business Was A Person

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

If your business was a person...what would be their 3 trademarks?

Here at Flex PR that answer is easy -

1️⃣ Energy

2️⃣ Capacity

3️⃣ Value

Keeping these consistently top of mind is easily forgotten and hard to do. You might even call these words 'values', but in some ways your trademarks are a little different. Think of them more as the personality of your business.

Once you've got your 3 trademarks decided upon, take your new business personality and apply it across your marketing & PR activities.

You might be surprised where it leads you!


Flex PR Exclusive Client Access

Don't forget! If you're an existing Flex PR client you now have access to your own profile on the new Flex website featuring exclusive resources and networking opportunities.

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