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Christmas Marketing

Everyone knows that the end of year holiday period is filled with fun, family, and lots of food. But we know that it can also be a stressful time for you and the team at your business.

You may already be on top of this, but just in case, here are 2 simple and easy ways to make sure you're getting into the festive spirit and connecting with your audience 😊

  1. Christmas/Holiday Themed Social Posts

While this may seem like an obvious choice, holiday-related content tends to create stronger engagement than with ‘evergreen’ posts towards the end of the year. The more people who share/interact with your brand, the higher your visibility!

This could be as simple as a photo of your decorated workspace, or as detailed as a 12-days-of-Christmas social media plan. It’s completely up to you and what you think your customers would want!

  1. Holiday Greetings

Another great way to heighten brand awareness is to send out Christmas/Holiday Greetings to current and past customers. This doesn’t have to include details on your services, but rather what is happening throughout December. The primary goal of these emails is not to sell a product, but rather bring your business to the forefront of your consumers mind. Another great tactic to help your business stay active through this period – especially if you are taking some (much needed) time for yourself – is to set up automations. This could mean planning your Christmas-New Year’s social media posts now and scheduling them to be posted while you’re away!

Your online presence should be the perfect companion to your actual presence.

Both of these work hand in hand for you personally and professionally.

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