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Friends Of Flex 14

How do you talk to your customers, clients, and team?

And by that I mean, what message are you trying to get across and does the person receiving it understand the point you are trying to make?

Earlier this week I overheard a conversation from a friend talking about engaging a marketing company to work on his business.

He said he was confused and a bit over awed by their approach when they used terms like 'deep dive and automated customer integration strategic analysis' 😕

Maybe this was deliberate, maybe it was meant to make them out to be 'big shots'. I'm not sure.

But in this instance, my friend was left confused.

Here at Flex, that's not how we roll. Whether it be creating a campaign, offer or even working on videos for our clients, we always encourage using a conversational tone to convey a message.

Not only is this easier to understand, it also helps to build rapport and trust by not trying to over impress your audience. Keep it simple, keep it clear and keep it human 🙂

Video of the week:

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