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Quality Vs. Quantity

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Ok, let me say from the start that this is NOT going to be one of those wishy washy articles where the end winner is...kinda both. A definitive answer is coming your way.

Quality vs. Quantity.

Which should you choose?

As a starting point, what we're talking about is any outbound communication and marketing material your business distributes.

We're talking videos, photos, social posts, blogs, newsletters, websites, etc.

With the perceived problem being that the more time you spend on any of these to increase the quality, the less time you have to distribute more items.

Now if you were to ask me if I want my plane engineers to spend more time focussing on quality rather than quantity, then it's a definitive yes! But before we take off, let's look at your marking & PR a bit closer.

The first point to make is quality is subjective. Let me say that again...

Quality. Is. Subjective.

Just because you think a video, photo or website looks amazing, doesn't mean everyone else will too. And that's ok.

On the flip side, just because you're not a fan of something, doesn't mean that it's garbage. Other people will think that it's great!

This is very important to keep in mind and will give you reassurance that when you put marketing material out into the world that it's not expected to be perfect. Because no matter how hard you try, someone will always find something they don't like.

Now, of course there is a bottom line to this. You can't put out what is clearly crap and expect it to work. There is a certain level of quality you should expect to meet, without it being so high that you end up not putting out your content at all.

Find a minimum benchmark and once you've reached it. Go for it!

Now over to quantity.

First things first. Can you send out too much marketing material? Yes.

Do most people send out too much marketing material? No.

Should most people send out more? Yes.

There is a fine balance between too much and not enough, but the truth is that most people sit in the 'not enough' basket. There are 7 reasons for this...

  • Not enough time / too much to do

  • Not high enough of the priority list

  • Don't have the skills

  • Too overwhelmed

  • Too humble

  • Most marketing and PR services are overpriced and too complex

  • Too concerned about the quality

Here at Flex, we solve all 7 of those problems above. But you already knew that 😉 Price + Speed + Quality = 💯

As business evolves and grows more competitive every single day, it's critically important that your marketing and PR is keeping up.

Spend too long overthinking those reasons above and you'll be left behind by others who are happy to find that minimum quality standard on their marketing materials and hit the go button.

So no guesses here. The winner is quantity.

Don't get me wrong, quality is important. It's very important.

At Flex, every time we pick up the camera, design a graphic or write copy for a website. We're going for the absolute best quality we can achieve. But we're professionals in our field, that's what we should be doing.

On the other hand, if you're doing your own marketing and PR, absolute perfection shouldn't stand in the way of progress as our good friend Winston Churchill said.

This should give you the confidence to go forth and conquer.

But if you're still concerned about any of those 7 reasons above, then maybe you should speak to us.

Go get em'!

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