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Remove the Friction

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

If you haven't figured it out by now, when it comes to consumerism (buying stuff 😉) we've reached a stage where...

  • We know WHAT we want

  • We know HOW we want it

  • And we want it in our hands NOW

Australian comedian Ronny Chieng puts a funny spin on this when it comes to Amazon Prime and his idea for Amazon Prime NOW (you can watch his 3min sketch on this here).

The bottom line of all this is that we should be looking to remove as much friction as possible when it comes to customers & clients buying your goods and using your services. Here at Flex this is always top of mind for us and something that we're still striving to be better at. Being in a state of constant improvement by reducing the amount of friction in your business is always a good place to be. This is true for both external (interactions with customers) and internal (employee communication and project management). Asking simple questions like -

  • Does my team have an easy to understand workflow process?

  • Am I communicating clear enough so that the right message is being received?

  • Are work items accountable and trackable?

This all comes back to friction.

Reduce the amount of friction in your business and increase the results.


Video of the week:

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