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Social Media Meets Video

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

We live in a growing, technology-driven era where it's absolutely critical for businesses to have a digital strategy that generates strong online engagement (and customers!).

Engaging an audience might seem easy, but with so much competition this can be very difficult. If you're struggling to get this moving, then you might not be using enough video in your content.

In this Friends of Flex edition, we uncover our 3 top tips on how your team can leverage the power of video in your social media strategies!

1. Easy-to-digest and snackable content

Video content is a great way to communicate your key messages in a short and snappy manner! With the rise of platforms like Tik Tok, audiences are gravitating towards fast and digestible content that won't take up too much of their time. Whilst longer form videos like testimonials and branding are still very important, this doesn't mean you can't do more of your own with short videos shot on your smartphone.

2. A good thumbnail will attract

When uploading a video, whether on Facebook or YouTube, a thumbnail image is automatically generated. But most of the time, they aren't exactly the best thumbnails that capture the attention you want. By creating custom thumbnails, you can control what image is displayed for your audience and have that attention-grabbing thumbnail for your video. Plus people are way more likely to press ‘play’. Here's an example from one of Brent's videos last year.

3. Consider the platform you're using

Many sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have their own unique video features which allow you to upload a video. These are referred to as native videos. By doing this, you create an image gallery on your social site that is easily accessible by audiences viewing your profile. This also helps you achieve greater reach and provide better insights and analytics on each video’s performance.

Video of the week:

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