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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Now while this may sound a bit dramatic, the layout and design of your website can actually make a very big impact when it comes to building and sustaining your customer base. Lets take a look at two example sites from Tactile Learning and Electritec that we've worked on this past year as we take you through three of the most common website design mistakes we see and how to avoid them.

1. Overwhelming the User Everyone wants their website to be eye-catching, but it can be easy to go a bit too far if you're not careful. Having too much going on can overwhelm your site users to the point that they click away or close the window. Keep it simple and visually appealing by sticking to a colour scheme and font.

2. Poor Mobile Layout

This is a big one! If you haven't checked the mobile layout of your website recently, then you should! Most websites are designed with only the desktop view in mind - it's important to also look at your mobile and tablet layout. More and more people are opting for their phone or tablet over their laptop to search on Google. If your website is hard to navigate on mobile, it can immediately make a user go back and head to a different site instead.

3. Poor Use of White Space

When used well, white space can help with the comprehension and readability of a website. Having too much or too little white space on your website can make it difficult to focus on the text or images. It may be something you have to play around with to find the right amount for your site.

And there you have it! Three simple design tips to take your site to the next level. Implementing these on your website can really help set you apart and add an extra element of professionalism to your business.

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