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Facebook/ Instagram & Google Ads

At Flex Public Relations, our team of experts understands the significance of digital advertising in today's business world and we help our clients take advantage of it. We offer comprehensive marketing solutions tailored to help businesses of any size achieve their goals. By incorporating Facebook/ Instagram and Google ads into your marketing strategy, we will help you reach the right target audience and increase your conversions. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest trends in online advertising, and we are committed to getting our clients the results they need.

Why Instagram/Facebook & Google Ads Advertising with Flex?

Maximise your business's potential with our Instagram/Facebook Marketing and Google Ads service. We specialise in targeting the right audience, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, and providing tailored strategies that deliver proven success and maximised ROI. With our data-driven decisions and creative brilliance, you can trust that we'll take your business to the next level.

What's Included?

At Flex we understand that no two businesses are the same. That's why we provide a tailored strategy to suit your individual business needs. We're not like other agencies. There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" around here.  Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

Google Ads Package

Things We Can Help With: 

  • Objective Definition.​

  • Keyword Research.​

  • Campaign Structure.​

  • Ad Copy Creation.​

  • Ad Extensions and assets.​

  • Landing Page Optimisation.​

  • Audience Targeting.​

  • Bid Strategy.​

  • Ad Schedule Optimisation.​

  • Conversion Tracking.​

  • Negative Keywords.​

  • Ad Testing.​

  • Regular Monitoring and Optimisation.​

  • Audience Remarketing.

  • ​Competitor Research

  • Budget Management.​​

  • Consultation and Client Communication.

  • Monthly Reports.

Facebook Ads Package

Things We Can Help With:

  • Campaign Strategy and Planning.

  • Target audience identification and segmentation.

  • Ad Creative Development.

  • Ad Copy Creation

  • Budget Management.

  • A/B Testing.

  • Conversion Tracking.​​

  • Audience Retargeting.

  • Landing Page Optimisation.

  • Ad Monitoring and Adjustments.

  • Consultation and Client Communication.

  • Monthly Reports

Google Ads (Your Story).png

Google Ads or Instagram/Facebook Ads?

Which one is best for your business?

So what exactly is the difference between Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads? In simple terms... picture this as a tailored map for your business journey, where Google Ads serves as the seasoned navigator, guiding those actively seeking your offerings, while Facebook and Instagram Ads transforms into the charismatic host, creating a buzz and expanding your brand's social presence.

To make an informed decision, assess your audience's behaviour and preferences. If they actively search for your offerings, Google Ads may be the strategic choice. If you want to tap into social circles and create a community around your brand, Facebook and Instagram Ads can be your go-to. In essence, understanding your business goals and your audience's habits is the compass that guides you towards the most effective platform for your unique journey.

Our team is here to help you delve deeper into your business needs and help you navigate this decision, ensuring your advertising strategy aligns seamlessly with your goals. 

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