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Silver Dove

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Silver Dove Funerals specialise in creating a beautiful celebration of life. They have been Brisbane funeral directors for more than a decade, providing support and guidance for families from all walks of life.



FROM 2020 TO 2022

Before engaging with Flex Public Relations, Silver Dove Funerals had little online presence and a basic marketing strategy. The company were wanting to increase their online presence and partnerships in order to gain more brand awareness and customers.


We completed a strategic analysis of Silver Dove’s current marketing plan and found avenues to significantly improve this. We also have a large number of connections and partnerships with communities and sporting clubs that we like to get particular companies involved in, in order to improve their brand awareness. Therefore, we created a strategic social media and public relations plan for Silver Dove Funerals in order to improve their brand awareness.


Flex Public Relations filmed and produced a core campaign for Silver Dove Funerals for use on their social media and website. We also implemented our social media strategy to further improve their online presence to be more professional and to gain more trust. We also implemented a public relations strategy to connect Silver Dove with a local community sporting club. This partnership and improvement of their online presence has successfully increased their brands awareness and created more business. We began working with Silver Dove Funerals in April of 2020 where they conducted 72 funerals in the year prior. Since then, we have successfully increased the amount of business they have received with approximately 28% increase in 2021 to conduct 92 funerals for the year. As of April 2022, the company has conducted 35 funerals compared to 18 funerals, which were conducted at the same time last year to double their business so far this year

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