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Consistency is key. This is true across all facets of life.

Getting in shape, learning new things or having a savings a goal. But it is especially true in business. Perhaps no more so when it comes to your PR and marketing.

➡ Paula from Paula Jones Coaching knows this, which is why she took up our photography special offer from the last 'Friends of Flex' email.

We’ve all heard that it takes 6-8 touch points to make a sale (if you haven’t, read more about this here) and whilst that’s not universally the case for every product or business, the principle remains the same that having a consistent presence and message is vital for success 😃

And I’m not just referring to social media. I’m talking in person, at your business, all of the time, 24/7.

If this sounds time consuming and a lot of work, then you might be interested in our Flex PR Engagement Packs. But more on that soon.

Building on consistency, what you’re saying to your customers and clients is equally as important as to how often you say it.

If all you are doing is yelling at your customers & clients about how great you are and pitching for a sale, you’re actually likely to end up pushing them further away 😭

But what if you found the perfect mix of consistency, messaging and bringing value to your customers and clients?

What if your customers and clients didn't see you as just another place they did business, but instead as a source of information and where they felt connected & valued.

This is the art of public relations.

It’s not advertising. You might say that it’s marketing. But in truth it’s the fine art of cultivating and building a brand so that you turn those customers and clients, into loyal fans of what you do and what you believe in.

At Flex Public Relations, this is exactly what we can do for you with our 2021 Engagement Packs.

Importantly, we want to make these packs affordable for all business owners which is why our entry level begins at just $650+gst per month on a 3 month agreement.

How can I learn more about a Flex PR Engagement Pack?

We've already filled 2 of the 5 available spots for February and are looking for 3 more savvy business owners to take up the remaining opportunities.

Video of the week:

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