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In a world where we've never been more connected, sometimes it feels like we've never been more apart.

The pressure to conform and to fit in is sometimes overwhelming. This stretches all the way into the business world and marketing where playing it safe is seen as the norm, when we should be going in the other direction.

By being real. By being authentic.

This is well summarised in 'Phoenix', a fascinating book written by a friend of mine Nathaniel Hodges. He writes:

"We seem to be obsessed with this idea of maturity. Meaning the level of grown 'upness', stale, bland predictable conversations and action" (You can learn more about Nat's work and his Outliers project here)

I say you should embrace being real and embrace being authentic. In your every day life, in your business and your marketing. Embrace yourself and embrace the differences that your business provides.

On that note, click below to watch a short clip from a recent guest presentation I gave to members of The Entrepreneurial Parents Project about this very concept.

Video of the week:

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