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As 2020 draws to a close, we haven't spoken to anyone who has said that they want this year to hang around any longer than it has to. So let's crack on and see what the BIG questions (and answers!) are in 2021 for you and your team.

1. Will things return to 'normal'? No.

We're not going back to how it was in the good old days for a very long time. From plastic screens in supermarkets, petrol stations and the doctors through to working from home, masks and hygiene, the visible impacts of 2021 will be long lasting.

The good news is that as humans our number #1 strength is to evolve and adapt to new environments. Families, schools & businesses have all made changes in lightning fast speed this year that would have normally have taken years. We'll continue to do this and get on with the circumstances that life throws at us.

2. Will the economy continue to bounce back? Yes.

New data just released this week has shown that Business confidence has soared to its highest level in two years while consumer sentiment has recovered to where it was ahead of last summer's bushfires, just in time for the key Christmas retail season (Brisbane Times)

Whilst some headlines this year predicted doom and gloom for the entire economy, this just hasn't happened. There's certainly some industries that have done it much tougher than others, but with borders now almost fully re-opened and an appetite for travel, Australia is well placed economically heading into 2021.


3. So should I just sit back and expect things to pick up? No.

Don't be trapped into thinking that just because things are looking to be on the up that business will be a breeze in 2021 as customers and clients return.

Now is the time to be planning and putting in place what you'll be doing in January to make sure your current customer/client base AND potential customers/clients know that you'll be starting 2021 full of energy and ready for a big year.

Start the year fresh with videos, photos, campaigns and newsletters all ready to go! This 27sec YouTube clip sums it up perfectly.


4. What has Flex PR got in store for 2021? Lots.

This year we've pumped out over 150 separate video and photo projects along with tonnes of social media graphics, content, flyers and newsletters. But in 2021 we're going to be taking this to the next level!

We're keen to bring more value, more ideas and more creativity to our clients. Whilst videos and photos are amazing, we'll be releasing a new range of PR and marketing services to support these and ensure that you get the best bang for buck that no other business can offer.

So standby for some exciting things happening in the New Year with exclusive Friends of Flex offerings and opportunities.


5. Will Richmond win the 2021 AFL Premiership. Yes.

Go Tiges.

Video of the week:

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