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It seems like every day the goal posts keep shifting on what the 'new normal' is, so I hope things are well at your business and you're working your way through these crazy times.

The past month I've been talking with many clients and friends about the importance of your circle of influence. This is best summed up in a quote commonly attributed to Jim Rohn.

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with"

Jim Rohn

This is because you will naturally gravitate towards adopting the behaviours, standards and attitudes of these people which heavily influences your own behaviour on a day to day basis.

You don't even need to interact in person with these 5 people. It could be through video, blogs, books or any other medium.

Which brings me to my own circle of influence and who I watch, listen and read to increase my 'average', as according to our friend Jim Rohn.

So read on below for who some of my favourite picks are and maybe you might also pick up a new positive influence as well : )

Friends of Flex: Free tips, advice, and industry analysis

Whilst I still regard the 5 people I see most often in person as being overwhemingly influential, here's a selection of authors, marketers and leaders that I pay close attention to.


Seth Godin

Seth is a guru when it comes to all things marketing, which he defines as anything that influences a change in culture. Author of many books, Seth also sends out a daily blog usually between 2 sentences to 2 paragraphs long.

Matt Dixon

Matt is Head Coach and Owner of San Francisco based triathlon squad Purple Patch. Whilst his podcast focuses mainly on triathlon and athletics, he also drops plenty of wisdom when it comes to leadership and people management.

Leigh Sales

Leigh is an ABC journalist and host of current affairs program 7:30. I admire the way Leigh goes about her work with a calm curiosity and determination whenever she is interviewing guests.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Not everybody's cup of tea, Gary comes from the former Soviet Union and after being one of the very first wine bloggers, now heads up Vayner Media alongside his alter ego 'Gary Vee'. Good for not only marketing tips, but Gary also delivers fire in his speeches to get you motivated for the day.

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